Desenvolvimento de Cursos Baseados na Web: Uma Proposta Metodológica

  • Laura M. Coutinho Lopes
  • Marco A. Casanova
Palavras-chave: Learning Objects, Educational Activity, Course, Web, Teaching Methods


Educators’ interest in the web is growing fast because of the advantages offered, such as faster distribution, access to a large audience, and quick update of published material. However, there is a challenge posed to us: to develop web-based courses that meet the new educational paradigms with reasonable production costs. The purpose of this article is to suggest a process to create web-based courses that would meet this challenge. Initially, it presents a brief background and a summary of categories, and emphases in the use of web for educational activities. The article then approaches the concepts of didactical situations and learning objects as ways of organizing the development of webbased courses. Finally, the article discusses a manner of structuring the course creation process, including a proposal for a development team based on the authors’ experiences.


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M. Coutinho Lopes, L., & A. Casanova, M. (2005). Desenvolvimento de Cursos Baseados na Web: Uma Proposta Metodológica. Boletim Técnico Do Senac, 31(3), 32-45. Recuperado de