Exclusão Digital e Educação no Brasil: Dentro e Fora da Escola

  • Bernardo Sorj
  • Julie Remold
Palavras-chave: Digital Inclusion, Education, Computer, Internet, Use, Information Technology, Brazil


The article presents a broad view of the relationships between education, computer and internet use, and social inequality, especially among poor people in urban areas in Brazil. In the first part, it resorts to observations and interviews with school participants from a Brazilian middle-sized city to present Brazil’s school system and the use of information technologies. In the second part, the article describes the general penetration of information technologies among Rio de Janeiro slum-dwellers, based on quantitative and qualitative research carried out in low-income communities in the city during the second half of 2003.


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Sorj, B., & Remold, J. (2005). Exclusão Digital e Educação no Brasil: Dentro e Fora da Escola. Boletim Técnico Do Senac, 31(3), 1-15. Recuperado de https://bts.senac.br/bts/article/view/327