Programa "Sintonia Sesc Senac": Uma Experiência Radiofônica de Mídia-Educação

  • Valéria Márcia Mendonça
Palavras-chave: Education, Media, Educational Radio, Distance Education, Popular Education, Popular Communication, Democratization of Communication, Citizenship, Radio Production, Community Radio, Network


Non-formal popular education, with an open character and mediated by radio communications technology, is shaping up as a possibility for distance education in its search for new pathways and solutions for ongoing teaching and learning. To this extent, this article presents the experience of open education via radio that has been carried out since 1996 by the National Senac Distance Education Center and the Management for Dissemination and Institutional Promotion of the Sesc National Department, signaling the theoretical and methodological references, the educational and communicational structure, the production process, and the education of radio network broadcasters for this media-education process.


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Mendonça, V. M. (2005). Programa "Sintonia Sesc Senac": Uma Experiência Radiofônica de Mídia-Educação. Boletim Técnico Do Senac, 31(3), 46-57. Recuperado de