Avaliação de Competências em Cursos EAD: Relato de Experiência

  • Lane Primo
Palavras-chave: Evaluation, Competences, Distance Education, Decision Making


This article is an account of the experience of applying the A2COMP methodology – Follow-up of Distance Education Courses and Evaluation of Competences in a SENAC/CE Corporate Training Program, which helps the tutor in evaluating student competence development in a personalized way, respecting their differences and rhythms, and using computer system concepts for dealing with uncertainties. The methodology has the following characteristics: it is formative and favors student negotiation and autonomy in managing his/her learning, and makes it possible to develop social and professional competences.


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Primo, L. (2005). Avaliação de Competências em Cursos EAD: Relato de Experiência. Boletim Técnico Do Senac, 31(3), 58-74. Recuperado de https://bts.senac.br/bts/article/view/332