Pedagogia da Autoria

  • Carmem Moreira de Castro Neves
Palavras-chave: Distance Education, Pedagogy, Authoring Pedagogy, Information Technologies, Communication, Interaction


Digital technology, insofar as it promotes interactivity, integration and media convergence, brought to the contemporary agenda the discussion on a new distance education. This new distance education rejects bureaucratized and inflexible projects that depersonalize course attendants and inhibit innovation and creativity. The proposal put forward in the text is a pedagogy that promotes authoring, based on strategies that view the student as the protagonist of the educational act, respecting the complexity of human beings and their totality and capacity to build significations and generate socially relevant knowledge. This article presents projects that are being developed by the Education and Culture Ministry Distance Education Secretariat, using authoring pedagogy. These projects seek to foster and translate numerous responses from individual and collective actors motivated to explore, analyze, contextualize, deepen, and expand their own view and experience with a given issue.


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Moreira de Castro Neves, C. (2005). Pedagogia da Autoria. Boletim Técnico Do Senac, 31(3), 16-23.